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OSS members enjoy access to a rich collection of materials designed for patient education, staff training, and practice support. Members receive dynamic, accurate information and tools to help prevent systemic disease through periodontal care. You will gain insights on diagnostic and treatment protocols, as well as specific resources to share with patients who suffer from co-morbidity of a chronic systemic disease and periodontal/oral infections.

Membership Advantages

  • Elevate your image from Molar Mechanic to Master Physician of the Mouth

  • Learn clinical implementation steps and strategies for oral systemic relationships

  • Develop communication techniques for patients and other healthcare co-managers

  • Boost patient referrals from your holistic expertise in the oral-systemic connection

  • Learn about new procedures and services to boost your practice economics

  • Attract and retain quality team members and keep your staff energized, focused, and fulfilled

  • Establish your reputation as a proactive, innovative dental or medical practice

  • Increase the health and wellness of your patients, loved ones, and yourself!

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