Oralsystemic Connection

What is the Oral Systemic Connection?


The Oral Systemic Connection – An Introduction

Over the past decade, considerable research has emerged demonstrating the connection between oral and general health. This research provides increasingly strong evidence that oral conditions such as periodontal disease affect not only the mouth, but the overall health of the human body. These findings show an urgent need for change in how we approach issues of oral health, calling for better communication between the dental and medical professions on behalf of their patients. In fact, in 2000 the Surgeon General’s report stated, “You cannot be healthy without oral health. Oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities.” Such a very bold statement can only be made with with plenty of scientific backing.

Why Oral Systemic Solutions?

At Oral Systemic Solutions, we work hard to provide oral-systemic training solutions to health care providers. We are a team of industry experts – both dental and medical – who are working together to bridge the gap between these two hemispheres of health.

What Does Your Mouth Say About Your Health?

Research has shown time and time again that the mouth is the gateway to systemic well-being. By assessing the condition of a patient’s oral health, we are given tremendous amounts of data to analyze an array of possible conditions. From this data, we can predict whether or not the patient is at risk for certain diseases or negative conditions. This information helps us follow through and establish an oral health system to reduce risk and improve overall body function and well-being. We believe that in the near future, even routine dentist visits will serve as data-gathering opportunities; a simple checkup can provide information that allows for early-warning detection of a variety of adverse health conditions affecting the entire body.

When Medicine and Dentistry Collaborate

Consider that the average American visits the dentist twice per year. That same person may visit the doctor only once per year, or only when sick. Many individuals go several years between doctor visits. What if that individual had a condition that only a doctor could diagnose? This scenario illustrates an inherent limitation of early detection of various conditions. A patient may experience underlying problems that present after it is too late, especially if they aren’t compelled to visit the doctor.

Ideally, that necessary checkup could happen even during the most routine dental visit, such as a teeth cleaning. An experienced dentist who has studied the Oral Systemic Connection is perfectly poised to provide these patients with early detection and healthcare interventions, and to work with the rest of the patient’s medical providers for the best, most comprehensive care.

Join Us to Make a Difference

Oral Systemic Solution’s mission and purpose is to educate and train dentists and medical care providers to detect underlying pathologies based on a patient’s oral health. We believe that removing the barrier between the medical and dental professions can ultimately help save lives and improve the general health of the population at large. We welcome you to our community and look forward to having your voice added to the conversation.