Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement


If you have any questions about this agreement, you may email us at any time at the following email addresss:
info [at] oralsystemicsolutions [dot] com

Return & Refund Policy

From the starting date of membership, members have (7) days to request a full refund. They will be granted that refund during that time frame, and their access to our membership program will cease to continue. The membership total will be refunded to the credit card that purchased this membership program. Other refund arrangements may be arranged if the member contacts us directly and lets us know prior to cancelling their membership.

Privacy Statement

We hold memberships with us in utmost confidentiality. Members may choose to disclose their participation in this membership program at their own discretion when posting on our blog or forums. We will not disclose the personal information of our members to any third party services, or any other entity outside of our organization.

Shipping & Delivery Method

All membership content is delivered digitally through our website, CDN, or other file transfer methods as we see fit. In rare circumstances we may choose to mail physical products or documentation to a mailing address that the member provides. Delivery method will be determined depending on the size of the product. If we choose to mail our members a package, members will be notified via email with further information prior to delivery.

Products & Pricing

Products are subject to change at any time. Due to browser caching, we will honor prices (1) day after we make the pricing change public on this website. For example, if a product is listed at $39, and we change it to $44 during your browsing session, you may contact us within (1) day to purchase the product at the original price. If you see a price listed anywhere on this website that is different than the total in your shopping cart, please contact us directly.