Bridging the Gap - Our Mission Statement

Every day, new research reveals more insights about how oral health is a predictor of overall health. We are here to bridge the gaps between dentistry, medicine, and other branches of the healthcare industry, dissolving the disconnect between these essential elements of care. Oral Systemic Solutions seeks to empower dental professionals, physicians, and other healthcare providers to understand the signs and symptoms that may point to a greater problem; we don’t seek to treat symptoms but to find and resolve a pathology’s root cause. These learning tools and cutting-edge insights will allow all of us to ensure a patient’s health and well-being.

About Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to lead you through each aspect of the Oral Systemic Connection. Learn at your own pace and find the resources that will most effectively serve your clinical practice through the free and members-only content for medical and dental professionals. A support team is always available to answer any questions you have about using our content or website.


What the Experts Say:

Oral systemic clinical applications with information from Dr. Chase helps all our hygiene students. Dr. Chase has great material and shows passion and knowledge on the topic.
— Doni Bird, Santa Rosa Dental Program Director, Santa Rosa Junior College